When you create a new Snipcart account, shipping is disabled by default. Merchants selling only digital goods won't need it enabled.

To enable shipping, use the toggle under Store configurations → Shipping in the merchant dashboard.

**Please note: The shipping rate will be in the cart's currency (ie: shipping rate is 10. If the cart is in USD, shipping fees will be 10USD, if the cart is in EUR shipping fees will be 10EUR). If you want to change the amount according to the currency, you can use the shipping webhook to convert the rate in the cart's currency.

Enable shipping

Custom shipping methods

Custom shipping methods let you create pre-defined shipping methods and rates for your store. You can configure shipping methods by location, delivery time, & weight.

Under Custom shipping → Custom shipping methods, toggle "ON" and hit "Configure".

Then, hitting "Create shipping method" will display a matrix you can use to define your shipping method.

Name delivery time

  • Name (e.g. "Express delivery")
  • Guaranteed days for delivery (e.g. "2")
  • For order total above (e.g. "100.00")

Custom shipping method - name & delivery time

The last two fields are optional and can be left blank.


To define where this shipping method is available, toggle "ON". To offer it worldwide, leave it to "OFF".

Only customers with addresses in the defined region will be able to choose this shipping method.

Custom shipping methods - location

It's important to know that only the most specific matching shipping methods will be displayed. For example, if you have a Worldwide shipping method defined along with a shipping method for Canada, if the customer shipping address is in Canada, only shipping methods with location set to Canada will be offered. The worldwide shipping method will be offered to any customer outside of that location. If you have multiple shipping methods with location set to Canada, they will all be offered to the customer.


Please note: if you'd like to only use location as a determining factor for your shipping method's cost, just create a single rate with empty weight fields.

You can define multiple rates per shipping method, defined by different weight ranges.

Make sure to define your product weight using the data-item-weight attribute.

In the example below, if the order total weight is less than 1000g then the shipping would cost 10.00$. If the weight was between 1000g and 2000g, it would then cost 20.00$. And for orders over 2000g, it would cost 30.00$.

Custom shipping methods - rates

If you don't need to offer shipping costs based on order content, you can simply leave the From and To fields empty and enter the shipping cost.

Shipping method without weight

Configured custom shipping methods matching customer shipping address and order cart content will be offered to your customers during checkout.


If you need 100% control of how shipping costs are calculated, webhooks are the way to go. They also are a good option if you need to integrate with a third-party we don't support; like Shipstation, for instance.

You'll find more information about how to work with webhooks in this entry.

Integrated shipping providers

We also built integrations with established shipping providers. For now, the ones supported are:

Snipcart supported shipping providers

  • FedEx
  • USPS
  • UPS
  • Purolator
  • Canada Post
  • Australia Post

These integrations are directly connected with each shipping provider's APIs, meaning that your customers get accurate shipping estimates right from the source.

For each shipping provider, you need to obtain API credentials and configure them in the merchant dashboard. We suggest contacting the shipping provider directly for any assistance in getting these credentials.

Note that it's required to define the weight of your products with data-item-weight for these integrations to work.

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