Customer dashboard

You can integrate the customer dashboard on your site if you want customers to register and sign in to your site via Snipcart’s modal.

When enabled, customers will be able to place orders faster: when logged in, their billing and shipping information will be pre-filled automatically whenever they check out. Customers will also be able to consult their orders history.

Getting started

By default, the Sign in/Register/Sign out functions are available inside Snipcart's modal.

Whether in their cart or their checkout flow, customers will be able to Sign in/Register:

Shopping cart with Sign in link

Checkout flow with Sign in link

If you don't want to offer the customer dashboard feature to customers: in your merchant dashboard, go to Store configurations → Checkout & cart, and mark the "Allow Guests only" box.

To integrate the customer dashboard to your site directly, add a button anywhere in your site markup with the CSS class: snipcart-customer-signin.

Here's a more concrete example:

<!DOCTYPE html>
        <button class="snipcart-customer-signin">My account</button>

When customers click on this button, they will be prompted to sign in, with an option to register if they aren't already connected, and a way to recover their password in case they forgot it:

sign in

If they click on Register, they will be able to open an account:


If they click on Forgot your password, they will be able to recover it by entering the email they used to create their account:

reset password

If customers are signed in, they will have access to their orders history:

Snipcart customer dashboard with orders history

Customers can Sign out either in the cart modal by hitting "My account", or by accessing their account via a button implemented on your site.

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