Forgot password email template

We use this template when a customer asks for a password retrieval. The customer enters their email address and if it matches an account we send this email template.

The email contains a unique link that the customer needs to follow to reset their password.

Customizing the default template

You can add anything to the template. However, you must keep the link to the resetPasswordLink variable.

If you omit this link, the customers won't be able to get to the reset password step on your site.

Subject: Retrieve your password on {{ }}.

<!DOCTYPE html>

<body style="font-family: Arial; font-size: 12px;">
        You have requested a password reset, please follow the link below to reset your password.
        Please ignore this email if you did not request a password change.

        <a href="{{ resetPasswordLink }}">
            Follow this link to reset your password.

Forgot password template data

    "resetPasswordLink": "!/reset-password/9e0b5528-d397-4dcb-ab23-9805d4e000ba",
    "settings": {
    "signature": "<p>SNIPCART <br /><br />\ <br /><br />\n<br /><br />\nBureau de Québec (administration) <br /><br />\n4885 1ere Avenue <br /><br />\nQuébec (Québec) G1H 2T5 <br /><br />\ <br /><br />\n1 418 800 8440 <br /><br />\n<br /><br />\nTPS #XXXXXXXXXX <br /><br />\nTVQ #XXXXXXXXXX <br /></p>\n",
    "businessAddress": {
      "company": "",
      "address1": "226 rue St-Joseph Est",
      "address2": null,
      "city": "Québec",
      "country": "CA",
      "postalCode": "G1K3A9",
      "province": "QC",
      "phone": null
    "includeProductImagesInInvoice": false,
    "logoUrl": ""

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