If a request returns a successful 2xx status code, you can assume that everything went well. If you receive a 4xx status code, it means that an error has occured due to the provided information. A 5xx status code means that an error occured on our side and that our team has been alerted.

##Status codes

Status code Reason
200 OK Everything went well.
201 CREATED A new resource has been created.
204 NO CONTENT A new resource has been deleted.
400 BAD REQUEST The provided information is invalid, the request failed.
404 NOT FOUND The resource has not been found.
500, 502, 503, 504 Server errors Something went wrong on our side.

##Error handling

When you receive a 400 status code, we will provide you which parameters were invalid, preventing the request from being processed successfuly. The example response is:

    message: "Your request is invalid."
    errors: {
        "parameter": [
            "Error message",