Release notes


  • Temporarily disables the address autocomplete due to an issue with the API we were using. We'll move to another API in an upcoming release and bring address autocompletion back.
  • Fixes an issue with long shipping method names, the checkbox beside the shipping method name was shrunk if the name was long.
  • Adds support for SCA (Strong Customer Authentication, a PSD2 requirement) for merchants using Stripe as payment gateway.


  • Fixes the transition animation when the cart opens.
  • Fixes the loading screen that was not visible when opening the checkout section directly.
  • Fixes address error positioning under the address autocomplete component.
  • Fixes the currency that was forced to USD by default.
  • Fixes the product price's parsing that couldn't be set to 0$.
  • Fixes the cart cookie's path, which prevented the cart from following between different pages URL.
  • Adds support for dimensions attributes: data-item-width, data-item-length, date-item-height and data-item-weight.


Initial release of the new version of Snipcart.