Release notes

Jan 22, 2020

  • Merchants can now transfer account ownership in the dashboard.


  • Adds support for digital goods.
  • Adds support for most product attributes missing in v3:
    • data-item-quantity
    • data-item-taxable
    • data-item-taxes
    • data-item-shippable
    • data-item-custom1-type="checkbox"
    • data-item-custom1-type="textarea"
    • data-item-categories
    • data-item-metadata
    • data-item-file-guid
  • Improves visual feedback for shipping and payment processing errors.
  • Adds the possibility to sign into the customer dashboard directly from the cart.
  • Adds sign out functionality in the customer dashboard.
  • Improves navigation between the cart and customer dashboard.

Cart navigation

  • Improves credit card form layout on mobile.
  • Improves the shipping step by pre-selecting the shipping method when there's only one available
  • Fixes address dropdown selection issues where clicking on an option wasn't always working as expected.
  • Fixes display issues on mobile: information in the billing and shipping components don't overlap anymore.
  • Fixes issue preventing customers from processing orders with total of 0.
  • Fixes issue with "Edit cart" link that wasn't working as expected.

Dec 18, 2020


  • Adds support for PayPal Express Checkout.
  • Adds support for customer dashboard.
  • Allows customers to register and sign into their customer dashboard.
  • Allows customers to consult their orders history in their customer dashboard.
  • Allows faster checkout for logged in customers by prefilling their billing and shipping information.
  • Adds support for localization in the payment form.
  • Fixes an issue with the place order button on iOS that was hidden by the navigation bar.
  • Fixes an issue with link to the cart in recovery campaign emails for merchants using the v3.
  • Fixes an issue with the discount amount not updating cart summary automatically.

Dec 3, 2019


  • Adds multi language support, out of the box English and French are supported. More information here in the docs. Note that the payment form itself is still available only in English, we're working on it.
  • Fixes payment method icons for merchants using Mollie.
  • Fixes disproportionate credit card icons on the order confirmation screen.
  • Fixes an issue that was preventing two consecutive orders from being placed without refreshing the page.
  • Fixes an issue where the payment step would not load when using Mollie with Live API key.
  • Makes orders awaiting payment confirmation placed with Mollie visible in the dashboard as soon as the order is completed, with a relevant payment status.

Nov 22, 2019


  • Fixes issue with final order total sometimes ignoring custom fields price modifiers.
  • Adds support for Mollie as payment gateway.
  • Adds support for Chrome address autofill that was only partially working.

29 Oct, 2019


  • Temporarily disables the address autocomplete due to an issue with the API we were using. We'll move to another API in an upcoming release and bring address autocompletion back.
  • Fixes an issue with long shipping method names, the checkbox beside the shipping method name was shrunk if the name was long.
  • Adds support for SCA (Strong Customer Authentication, a PSD2 requirement) for merchants using Stripe as payment gateway.

25 Oct, 2019


  • Fixes the transition animation when the cart opens.
  • Fixes the loading screen that was not visible when opening the checkout section directly.
  • Fixes address error positioning under the address autocomplete component.
  • Fixes the currency that was forced to USD by default.
  • Fixes the product price's parsing that couldn't be set to 0$.
  • Fixes the cart cookie's path, which prevented the cart from following between different pages URL.
  • Adds support for dimensions attributes: data-item-width, data-item-length, date-item-height and data-item-weight.

21 Oct, 2019


Initial release of the new version of Snipcart.