Snipcart comes fully equipped with a powerful discounting system allowing you to create promo codes and more. In this section, you'll find details on how to use this specific system in the merchant dashboard.

Each discount has three common properties, a name that will be displayed to your customers, an expiration date that you can optionally set if you want the discount to be available for a limited period of time and a maximum number of usages if you want to limit the discount usages.

We support several types of discounts, and each discount can be triggered by three conditions.

Manually enter a discount code Use this condition when you want your customer to enter a specified code to apply the discount.
When a specified product is added Use this condition when you want to attach a discount to a specific item. The value in Product ID should be the ID that you specified in data-item-id property.
When an order reaches a specific amount Use this condition when you want the discount to be applied when the order's total price reaches a predefined amount.

Once the discount has been triggered by one of the three conditions we support, you have to define which action you want the discount to do. We actually have 4 types of actions.

A prefixed amount that will be deducted from the order A specified amount will be deducted from the order total; the discount will be applied before shipping and taxes.
A percentage rebate on the order total A specified percentage of rebate will be applied on the order, before taxes and shipping.
A discount on the shipping Use this when you want to offer extra shipping methods to your customer. If you chose to apply this type of discount action, you will have to define a custom shipping rate that will be available only if this discount is applied to the order.