Sendgrid is the message delivery service employed by Snipcart for all email communications. We provide Snipcart's users with the option to utilize their own SendGrid account, granting them complete control and ownership. By using your personal SendGrid account, you can manage your sender IP address, customize email branding, and access comprehensive email statistics.

However, it's important to note that utilizing Snipcart's shared SendGrid account is also a viable option, and there is no obligation to set up your own account.

Creating an API key

To establish a connection between your Snipcart and SendGrid accounts, you must generate a new API key within SendGrid. In your SendGrid dashboard, navigate to "Settings" in the left-hand menu, and then select "API Keys."

Sendgrid settings

Click the "Create" button to generate a new API key and assign it a recognizable name, such as "snipcart." The only permission required by Snipcart is "Mail Send" for sending emails. Choose "Restricted Access" to select this permission:

Sendgrid key

Save the API key and make sure to copy it for future use.

Adding the API Key to Your Snipcart Account

Once you've copied the API key, go to your Snipcart dashboard's Email Settings and Templates page and paste it into the designated field for safekeeping. It's important to note that this API key is mode-specific; you can configure it for either "Test" or "Live" mode, or both. To test the integration, you can send a test email to yourself using any of the templates available on the page. Simply click the "EDIT" button for the desired template and select "Send me a test email." This will send a test email to the mailbox associated with your currently connected Snipcart account, and you can monitor the activity within your SendGrid dashboard.

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