Test / Live environments

You can switch between both environments by hitting the toggle button in the top center of your dashboard.

1. Test environment

When you're in the test environment, using Snipcart is 100% free. To facilitate development and testing, you can fully integrate Snipcart on your website and even process dummy transactions in this environment. For further information regarding testing with Snipcart, read this documentation section.

2. Live environment

Before going Live, you'll need to:

1) Enter your own billing information (see section 2.2.3) 2) Connect a payment gateway to your Snipcart account (see section 2.1.1.) 3) Switch your Test API key for the Live in the snipcart.js file on your website (see section 2.2.2)

Please note that once you activate your Live API key on your website, we will start billing you for your Snipcart usage. See our FAQ for our pricing details.