Guides and tutorials


How to Customize Snipcart's v2.0 Shopping Cart

Customizing Snipcart to Reflect the Style of Your Website

Customizing Snipcart Part 2: Full Screen Cart

Customizing Your E-Commerce Thank You Page

How to Add Custom HTML to Snipcart

Translating Snipcart's Shopping Cart in 4 Simple Steps

4 Common Configurations to Customize Snipcart's Checkout Experience

Set Up Multi-Currency Display & Checkout on Your Online Store

Discounts & prices

Simple and Quick Discount Settings

Product Options: Altering Items Prices with Custom Fields


How-to Handle Partial & Total Order Refunds in the Admin Dashboard


Automating US Sales Tax Management with TaxCloud & Snipcart


Setting Up Google Analytics E-Commerce Tracking with Snipcart

An Easy Guide to Enhanced Ecommerce Analytics with Google Tag Manager

JAMstack, static site generators & frameworks

Bundle Cockpit CMS & Nuxt.js in a full JAMstack

Discovering Hexo: E-Commerce with Node.js Blog Framework

Crafting a Webpack-Powered Static Site with Spike

Vue.js Tutorial: An Example to Build and Prerender an SEO-Friendly Site

Middleman Tutorial (v4): Enable Static E-Commerce on a Ruby Site Generator

Static Site E-Commerce: Integrating Snipcart with Jekyll

Hugo Tutorial: How to Build & Host a (Very Fast) Static E-Commerce Site

Exploring Netlify CMS, a React & Git-Based Content Management System

Static Site E-Commerce: Integrating Snipcart with Roots

ReactJS E-Commerce With No Backend Using Snipcart & Gatsby

Lean AngularJS E-Commerce with Snipcart & Yeoman

An Introduction to API-First CMS with Directus' Open Source, Headless CMS

Build an E-Commerce Site with Wyam, a .NET Static Content Generator

Node.js E-Commerce with Harp JS & Snipcart

Webtask Backend-as-a-Service: Serverless E-Commerce Tutorial

Sample E-Commerce Website with API-first CMS, Node.js, & Snipcart

Dynamic Product Management in a Static E-Commerce Workflow with Contentful

Integrating Headless CMS Contentstack With E-Commerce Solution Snipcart

CloudCannon CMS for Jekyll: Building a Multilingual Site

Strapping React.js on a WordPress Backend: WP REST API Example

CMS Integrations


Improved E-Commerce Integration for Joomla! Developers


GraphQL CMS Tutorial: E-Commerce with GraphCMS, Node.js and Apollo


Integrating E-Commerce on Statamic Flat File CMS

Craft CMS

Integrating Snipcart with Craft CMS: A Child's Play!

Managing Your Craft Inventory Using Snipcart Webhooks


WordPress Integration: An Easier Way to Manage Products

Snipcart for WordPress: A Simple, Shortcode-Based Integration


Processwire E-Commerce Tutorial: Adding a Full Store to the PHP CMS


Going "Flat File": Kirby CMS Tutorial & E-Commerce on a Lightweight PHP CMS


Integrating Snipcart with Statamic in 5 Easy Steps

Pagekit CMS

Building a Pagekit CMS E-commerce Demo with a Products Extension


Selling Through Your Blog Content Using Ghost & Snipcart


Integrating Snipcart with Umbraco: Pre-Zombie Apocalypse E-Commerce


A Tumblr Shopping Cart for Quick E-Commerce (< 2 Minutes)!

Webhook CMS

E-Commerce on a Custom Webhook CMS Project With Snipcart


Add a Shopping Cart to Your Squarespace E-Commerce Site

Adobe Muse

Adobe Muse E-Commerce: Quick Shopping Cart Integration


HubSpot E-Commerce: Integrate a Shopping Cart to Your Site

October CMS

October CMS E-Commerce Tutorial: GoT White Walkers Protection Store


Webflow E-Commerce: Add A Shopping Cart To Your Site In Minutes

Pulse CMS

Adding E-Commerce on Pulse CMS With New Snipcart Plugin

Wagtail CMS

In-Depth Django E-Commerce Tutorial: Wagtail CMS + Snipcart

More cool stuff

Snipcart Webhooks: Zapier & Mailchimp Integration

Develop a Snipcart Powered Website Locally Using ngrok

Triggering Location-Specific Shipping Methods with our JavaScript API

Creating a Gift Card Application with Snipcart & PHP

Using Zapier to Receive Snipcart Order Notifications in Slack

Integrating a Retail POS System with Snipcart's E-Commerce Platform

A Basic Guide to Choosing the Right Tech Stack for Client Work

Integrating a Retail POS System with Snipcart's E-Commerce Platform

E-Commerce Optimization: Developer's Guide to 5x Site Speed