Testing environment

When connected to your dashboard, you’ll notice a Test/Live toggle in the middle of the application's upper section.

Test toggle

By default, your account will be set to Test mode. This environment lets you fully integrate Snipcart on your website and even process dummy transactions.

Every environment (Test/Live) is isolated. Any configuration changes made within one environment won't affect the other. This allows you to experiment without any impact on your Live environment and real customers. General settings, promo codes, shipping methods or any other configuration are all isolated within their respective environment.

For instance, all the promo codes you create within your Test environment will only be available when using your Test API Key. They are completely isolated from the Live environment, so you don't have to worry about creating test promo codes: your Live clients will not be able to use them.

Getting your Test API key

To get your Test API Key, log into the dashboard and make sure you’re in the Test environment. Under Account → API keys, you'll find your Test API key.

Important notes

The toggle allows you to access the Test and Live environment data of your account. It only affects the data and configuration displayed and does not activate a mode or another on your site.

To start processing real transactions, you need to switch API keys—please read this entry on Going live.

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