Snipcart is far from being a payment gateway, so simply connect it to the one you feel offers you the best deal and the money will go straight to your account without any extra hassle or broker fees.

For the Standard plan:

We’ll only be billing you on a monthly basis. Every month, on the day you first went live, we’ll automatically calculate and charge 2% of your monthly sales on the credit card you’ll have entered to your account when setting up your Snipcart admin dashboard. We'll be charging you in US dollars (USD). Please note that we charge a 10$ minimal monthly fee. This means that if you're selling under 500$ a month, you'll be charged a flat 10$ to use Snipcart. If you're selling over 500$, you'll be charged the 2% fee.

For the "I am special" plan:

If you have specific needs for pricing (high volume sales or seasonal sales, for instance) please contact us directly through our Pricing page.

*Please note that some banks might ask international transactions to be authorized before you start selling online. If your card doesn't seem to be working with Snipcart, this might be the reason.

As far as billing goes, Snipcart will only charge you on a monthly basis to avoid micro-payment fees, making it easy and risk free!